Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wendover Historic Roundtable : Auction for DMH Memorial fund and USFRA huge success!

The Wendover Revival Roundtable saw many of "the originals" return to the place they were at in the '50's : Roy Jackson-Moore and Gordon Whitby. Together with Ron Christensen and the Team Members Charles Matthews, Marco Trevisan, Joe Jarick, Bruno Verstraete and Steve Pike. The evening started off with a dinner and then continued with a presentation given by Joe Jarrick, containing many unseen pictures which Joe received directly from the Healey factory in the 70's. After the presentation a Q&A session started with some very interesting questions from the enthusiasts in the public.

To round the evening off, some special Healey Bonneville Memorabilia was auctioned. 850 USD was auctioned for the Donald Healey Memorial Fund and 1750 USD went to the USFRA Team Car. This project will make it possible for the volunteers to have their own Racing Car. Having seen so many nice people from the USFRA who make this event possible every single year, we thought that was money well spent!

After that there was an autograph session planned. It felt kind of odd to have Healey people come by to ask for signatures!

Roy Jackson-Moore signing one of the beautiful Posters!
Roy Jackson-Moore and Gordon Whitby signing posters

Many thanks to all of you (more than 150!) attending this Roundtable and special thanks to the people who gave us the Community Center in Wendover to organize this unique event.

Bruno Verstraete

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