Saturday, September 12, 2009

Roy Jackson-Moore 55 years later reuinited with the Endurance Car in Utah

Millers Motorsport Park

Today, 12 September 2009, the Team was out on the Millers Motorsport Park with the 2 cars. They were on display and the enthusiasts showing up in their classic cars had a chance to do 4 parade laps around this magnificent track.

Roy Jackson-Moore took the steering wheel of the Endurance Car to prepare it for the serious work on the Salt Flats. He thought the car was feeling very solid. For sure their will be more stories coming out during the Revival Roundtable. Photo by Gisela Putzke.

Tomorrow will be a day for further preparations on the Endurance Car and the Streamliner. Both scrutineering and mechanical last minute issues
will need to be solved.

See the smile!

Also the Regalia ladies are doing a fabulous job and the items we have at hand seem to be a big hit!

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