Friday, September 18, 2009

BREAKING NEWS : first official run of the Streamliner : 149.5 MpH!

Healey history does repeat itself in a truly international effort to bring excitement and real pleasure to many enthusiasts!

Today was one of the most emotional days in modern Healey history. Today both cars had to wait a long time to get out there, but eventually had the run. Thanks to the support and assistantce of the numerous Healey enthusiasts on the Salt. True to 1954 form following some initial supercharger drive issues, David Pike achieved 149.5 MpH on the Salt qualifying for Rookie status.

Above is the acceleration chart of the Healey Streamliner which topped 150Mph on our Speed GPS. Congratulations to the whole Healey Team, friends and driver Dave Pike for this unforgetable day!
The Endurance Car got up to 122 MpH.

The Endurance Car leaving in anger from the starting line on the Salt in Bonneville.
(picture by Jim Cox)

Tomorrow morning, a pre sunrise start for the Team will allow the recreation of the sunrise photosession on the Salt with both cars before preparing them for their final day of Competition. Both cars for the first time are lined up in the very front for the best chance for optimal results for the freshest morning air, freshly scraped salt and well rested drivers. Some spectacular pictures will follow very soon!

Bruno Verstraete
Saturday, 9 PM.

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