Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salt Magic: Unofficial opening of World of Speed 2009 done by Healeys.

An interesting mixture of "original" and 2009 Team Crew

As some of our Team Members would be leaving us soon due to Goodwood Commitments we asked the USFRA whether it would be possible to have the cars on the salt for a private picture session. We got the word that maybe after 3 PM in a very private session someone from the organization could guide us in a distant part of the Salt. So we got up there with the Team. the Cars and the Press Team to do a private session in order to compensate for Marco not being able to drive the car. Arriving on dry salt, this was the real deal! As it freshly dried there was this glinstering all over. As if diamonds were spread around. We kept driving and we arrived at a part i thought was a runway. It was not. This was a part that Monte (USFRA) prepared for us himself. It was around 1.5 miles long and the quality of the salt was pristine! We took out both cars and set them on the Salt for the first group picture. Then we fired up the Endurance Car for its first run on the Salt. This was quite amazing as there we were, on the salt as the first cars in 2009 to go on and try it on what could be considered a private exclusive playground.

Driving on salt is very hard to describe. it is extremely smooth. It is as if you are floating in a way. It is soft as babyskin and gives a grip which is extremely high. The tightness of the car was extremely well and everyone coming out of the car was really impressed and could not stop smiling!

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  1. Congratulations, saw the cars at Portland and the project was very impressive.

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