Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Relax Day. Monday : the Call of The Salt!

Monday 14 September 2009, 7.30 AM

Seems like it was a very relaxing day yesterday, whereby some team members went successfully flyfishing (thanks to Bob and Jim for arranging that) and others (Steve & Co) were working hard on the cars to arrange the last minute remarks from scrutineering. The Streamliner was fired up and put under some engine pressure. Made some team members (the ones wearing the white overalls) relax after that.

Joe Jarick Happy as can be with the first trout of the day

Provo River, one of the most famous US Flyfishing rivers

The Team is about to set off to Wendover where we will be located into one and the same hotel. We would like to thank all the local, Salt Lake City, Austin-Healey Bonneville Club members, for their warm welcome, Friendship and for keeping us as their guests in their local Healey Hiltons. For sure we will miss this high standard as we move into the hotel!

Let us hope the weather does not show like last night too much!

On the other hand, having flown into Salt Lake City and having seen the dramatic landscape, one starts to see these mountains that are depicted on the historic Healey pictures almost every where! It kind of gets into your system and makes you restless, impatient to get to the mythical place.

I can not wait to see this vast mass of salt we have all been reading about for years. I can not wait to have my engine started up on the Salt 55 years after the Donald Healey Motor Company was there with the cars. Having had the honor to stay at the same place as Roy (Jackson-Moore) in Salt Lake City did not really help to calm me down!

Bonneville, here we come be aware, if that is not a nice birthday present, what could be?

Bruno Verstraete

Park City, 7.46 AM

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