Friday, September 11, 2009

the cake and the reception

The Team was getting a very warm welcome reception at Salt Lake City put on by Marian and Don Colman Family and the Bonneville Austin-Healey Club. The Cake was very impressive indeed...

It gave us the opportunity to meet up with Mark Shubin, the official Team Photographer. Also the people who were really helpful on the ground in the US : Dave Maxwell (thanks for setting up the tents and storing all the stuff we ordered and sent to your address), Ron Christensen (Salt Flats historian), Greg Lauser (US PR) and all other friendly enthusiasts from all over the country.


  1. G'day Everyone

    I have enjoyed every moment contributing to this wonderful venture. You have no idea how much I wish I was there. Take care, drive safely and God speed.

    Patrick Quinn

  2. Good on yez, Lads!

    And a great day for our far-flung Pike clan.

    Dick Pike
    (Steve's 3rd cousin)
    Atherton, California

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