Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breaking News...race is on! Sun is shining.

The fear of a cancellation of the event is off! The team was relieved 2 times today. The first time when the USFRA racing Committee decided that the salt conditions are improving quickly enough to race as of Thursday earliest. There might be a extension of the event until Sunday. The Team had already prepared emergency alternatives in the case that the event would be cancelled. We are however very happy to be able to bring the cars on the Salt. That is what they are made for and here for.
The second relief today came when both cars obtained their logbook. We have cleared scrutineering at Bonneville and are cleared for racing. A lot of relief for years of distant working on implementing the new 2009 regulations.
As the Salt was still drying out and as a consequence the pit could not be set up yet, the result of these multiple reliefs was that a spontaneous Parking Lot Party at the Rainbow hotel started. Towards the evening many Friends from all over the world joined next to the trailers and the cars and had a beer (or two).
Tomorrow Wednesday the pit will be set up. We will start the day with a take-away breakfast picnic at 8.30 departure to go at "the end of the Road" of the Speedway. Tomorrow will be the dress in the '50's style day. In the evening the Revival Roundtable will take place. Roy Jackson-Moore, John Beazley, Gordon Whitby and the Team members will talk about the then and now of the record breaking on the Salt. As the racing starts one day late there is a good chance that a replacement driver will be chosen from within the Team as 2 Team members have to leave for the UK early Thursday morning. More on that later.
Bruno Verstraete
Wendover, 15 September 11.35 PM

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